We work as team
against Covid-19

Following the emergency that has hit the entire country, Woliba has adopted the following guidelines to protect the health of the people who work there and of guests and visitors.

  • Before entering the Business Park, always wear the personal protective equipment required by legislation.

  • Use the gel at the entrance to the Business Park and all common areas to sanitise your hands.

  • Respect the installed safety signs for maintaining social distance.

  • Always follow the instructions provided by the Business Park Security service.

  • Enter the lift one person at a time and while waiting, always keep a distance of 1 metre from others.

  • If possible, use the stairs and always keep to the right.

  • Do not stay long in common areas, on stairs and in other places of transit.

  • In outdoor areas, always keep a distance of 1 metre from others and avoid gatherings.

Want to find out more?

Download the Corporate Covid-19 Anti-Contagion Safety Protocol now.