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A year has now passed since the first case of COVID-19 was announced in Italy and Europe. In just a few hours, schools and universities were closed, offices were transformed, and the streets emptied. Until a year ago, smart working was a revolutionary practice in Italy, adopted only by the most "modern" companies and in practice unknown to most. Il Sole 24 Ore defined smart working as one of the keywords of this 2020, as well as a lifeline for thousands of companies and workers.

  • Smart working & Place Benefits


In the era of smart working, where work becomes flexible and control is dispensed with, the manager becomes an even more important figure. A figure who, thanks to their leadership and management skills, must guide the transition to a new corporate culture.

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2020 forced us to adapt to a new normal. To experience the world between four walls and two dimensions. For some, smart working has been a dream come true, for others a nightmare to escape from as soon as the offices reopen. However, what was it like for those who experienced remote working for the first time?

  • Smart working & Place Benefits

Sustainable work: the trends of 2021

After a year like 2020, during which the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionised many aspects of our life, including the world of work, it is reasonable to expect that those changes, in 2021, will begin to have positive implications, beginning with the forecasts for the year that began a few weeks ago.


  • Smart working & Place Benefits

How will work environments change post-pandemic?

The environment and working space affect the productivity and health of workers. This is nothing new. However, how has the pandemic reinforced this trend, and what new needs have emerged?